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Healthcare Professionals are in a unique position to help all children reduce the pain, anxiety and distress that can be associated with procedural care.

We’ve collected the best available resources to support all Healthcare Professionals who work with children requiring medical procedures. From vaccination to blood tests or dental treatment – we have information to enhance the skills you already have.

EPIC Healthcare Professionals Resources


The Magic glove

The Magic Glove is a Hypnotic Pain Management technique to reduce pain sensation and anxiety for children having a needle procedure. Children have rich imaginations and hypnosis is widely used to ease pain during medical procedures. Dr. Leora Kuttner is a pioneer in the field of pain management. Her demonstration below of the Magic Glove technique is great example of the amazing capacity of imagination and the mind to bring comfort.

No fears, no tears

Dr. Leora Kuttner made this ground-breaking film about the power of hypnosis and pain management, entitled No Fears, No Tears in the 1980’s. It is a great introduction to the power of hypnosis, pain management, and empowering children and families.

Helping kids prepare for procedures

“You are the Boss of Your Brain”

A helpful video guide to learn about how pain works and how to have more control over your pain, your body and your experience during medical procedures.

Directed by Dr Jody Thomas for Stanford Children’s Health and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.


Belly Breathing Audio Guide: Meg Foundation

This video/audio guide will take you through a simple but effective breathing exercise to teach you how quickly and easily you can use your breath to feel better and more control.

Useful Organisations

EPIC supports and has links to these national and international organisations.

EPIC Workshops for Health Professionals

The EPIC workshops teach these techniques to help health professionals engage with children and their families and enhance their ability to manage medical procedures.

The learning on the course is interactive and experiential. Background knowledge is provided prior to the course in an e-learning format which covers the basic principles and provides examples of techniques used. These techniques will then be taught experientially on the course.

Our goal is to provide useful understandings about communication which can assist with reducing a child’s anxiety when facing procedural care, and simple practical skills you can begin to use at your next day caring for children.

The courses are for anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians, and other health professionals (nurses, social workers, play therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists) who work with children and are keen to expand their ability to provide effective empowering communication for procedural care. Attendees should be interested in gaining information and skills to understand the importance of preventing and managing procedural anxiety.

EPIC Workshops for Healthcare Professionals